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Background of our company

Trusted Tech Solutions is the vision of Lucas Boes, an experienced Network Engineer. In cooperation with his employees, creating a one-stop solution for ALL of your companies IT needs. Everything from Websites to Networking in an attempt to simplify the complexity of the fast-paced need for computer automation.

Trusted Tech Solutions can customize a Network to fit the needs of your business. From a small business to a expanding corporation, a solution can be sumized. Integrating client data-bases to streamline the day-to-day procedures, server and data enclosure installation and cabling individual work stations as well as web design and hosting.

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Our Team

Meet the greatest people

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Lucas Boes

Founder and Chief Director of IT

Holding numerous certifications in VMWare, Microsoft Server Products as well as assorted coding languages, his experience in server and networking technologies is unsurpassed and can prove to be a welcomed asset to the customers growing needs.

David Hornstein


With over 30 years in the IT industry, his expertise in SQL server implementation as well as the use of Scrum Master and other back-end solutions adds the additional security required to lend the peace-of-mind needed to implement any network solution.

Brent Wine

Infastructure Manager

Experienced design and implementation of front and back-end systems allows the client to have a sense of comfort knowing that the perfect network is an achievable goal.


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